Marmore Waterfall

Marmore waterfall is a fundamental stop to whoever decides to visit Umbria’s natural beauties.
As said, the waterfall is placed onto Valnerina heart, inside the are of Parco Fluviale del Nera.

Parco Fluviale del Nera comprehends a big zone of environmental value other than scenography impact, that from Ferentillo arrives to Piediluco lake and then to the waterfall, following the course of the rivers Velino e Nera. The area extends for over 2000 hectares, with a dense network of trails which passes through totally, perfect for walks lovers in the heart of pure nature.

For these reasons, a visit to the waterfall is a 360° experience: other than the beauty of the jump of the river itself, it is possible to go through one of the hiking trails of the area or to practice sport activities such as rafting or canyoning.

Marmore waterfall  it’s a natural site which is impressively beautiful. Trails onto the green, hikes, activities and one stunning jump of 165 meters that can excite both grown ups and kids!
It is in fact one of the most high waterfall in Italy, and one amongst the highest in Europe.

The complessive difference in height it’s divided in 3 jumps, made in succession from the waters of the Velino River that this way flows onto Nera. The progression of the jumps creates an overall frame even more suggestive, almost unique in its genre. That, also because the white of the waterfall stands out thanks to the green in which its immersed, part of the area protected of Parco Fluviale del Nera.