Cascate del Menotre

The Cascate del Menotre (Menotre Waterfalls) are another natural wonder to explore in the Foligno area, more precisely in Pale. These waterfalls offer an enchanting and refreshing environment, perfect for a quiet walk or a picnic in the middle of nature. You can enjoy the relaxing sound of the flowing water and immerse yourself in the beauty of the surrounding landscape. Make sure you bring a some water with you and comfortable shoes to best explore this beautiful area.

Also in Pale, there is the hermitage of Santa Maria Giacobbe, set among the rocky peaks of the Sasso di Pale. The hermitage of Santa Maria Giacobbe has a legendary story, connected to the alleged arrival of Santa Maria Giacobbe, mother of the apostle James and one of the three women who witnessed the crucifixion. It is said that, after The Resurrection, Santa Maria Giacobbe retired to one of the caves in Sasso di Pale to lead a life of prayer and penance. This tradition attributes an aura of sacredness and spirituality to the hermitage, making it a place of reflection and devotion for visitors.