Spoleto is one of the most fascinating cities of art in Umbria, with over 2000 years of artistic and cultural history that make it unique.

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11 minutes

Fonti del Clitunno

Le Fonti del Clittunno are a series of freshwater springs located in the Clitunno River Valley, between Spoleto and Foligno.

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18 minutes


Dominated by the majestic presence of its medieval walls, Montefalco is also known as the “Terrace of Umbria” for its panoramic position which offers splendid views of the surrounding hills and the underlying valleys.

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30 minutes


Spello has ancient roots, founded by the Umbri and subsequently called “Hispellum” during the Roman era.

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33 minutes

Menotre Falls

The Cascate del Menotre (Menotre Waterfalls) are another natural wonder to explore in the Foligno area, more precisely in Pale.

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35 minutes

Tibetan Bridge

The hanging bridge in Sellano is a fantastic attraction for adventure and nature lovers.

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41 minutes


Narni, a fascinating medieval village located in the southern part of Umbria, is an unmissable destination for those who desire to immerse themselves in the history and beauty of this region.

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42 minutes


Assisi is a treasure to be discovered for travelers looking for history, art and spirituality. Immersed in the verdant Umbrian hills, Assisi is known as the birthplace of Saint Francis (San Francesco) of Assisi and Saint Chiara, two holy figures fundamental in the history of Christianity.

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42 minutes

Marmore Falls

The Cascata delle Marmore (Marmore Falls) is a fundamental stop for anyone who decides to visit the natural beauty of Umbria.

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44 minutes


Rasiglia is famous for its characteristic canals that crisscross the streets of the historic center, giving a unique and suggestive atmosphere.

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45 minutes


Orvieto, one of the most fascinating villages in Umbria, provides a unique combination of medieval architecture, Renaissance art, and delicious local gastronomy.

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1.14 hours

La Scarzuola

La Scarzuola is a picturesque rural town located in Umbria, in the hamlet of Montegiove in the municipality of Montegabbione, in the province of Terni.

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1.45 hours

Tour in Valnerina

Known for its natural beauty and its rich history, Valnerina is characterized by breathtaking landscapes, with picturesque mountains, valleys, rivers, and medieval villages.