Rasiglia is famous for its characteristic canals that crisscross the streets of the historic center, giving a unique and suggestive atmosphere. Visiting Rasiglia is to make a journey through time, between ancient stone houses, paved alleys and bridges that cross the waterways.

The village retains its medieval charm, with its historic buildings and the walls that surround it. Among the attractions not to be missed in Rasiglia are the water mills, (still in operation!), which testify to the importance of water in the history and economy of the village. You can take a walk along the canals and admire these ancient artifacts up close.

Rasiglia is also surrounded by unspoiled nature, with splendid hilly landscapes and chestnut and oak woods. For trekking lovers and hikers, there are numerous trails that wind through the Umbrian hills, offering breathtaking views and the possibility of immersing yourself in the tranquility of the countryside. The village also hosts cultural events throughout the year, such as gastronomic festivals, artisan markets and theatrical performances, all of which allow visitors to fully enjoy the authenticity and hospitality of Umbria.

Rasiglia is an unmissable stop for those who wish to discover the hidden treasures of Umbria, immersing themselves in the history, nature and traditions of this fascinating territory.